Why Aspiring PR Professionals Should Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most helpful resources for both aspiring PR professionals and those looking to hire. If you’re not familiar, it is an online professional network and job finder. People from all industries utilize LinkedIn to find their niche in the job market. But for the typical overachieving PR major, LinkedIn is the perfect form of social media to obsess over.

LinkedIn is the whole package. It is a source for content, talent, advertising, promotion and personal branding. It allows you to search by name, company, keyword and location. The possibilities are endless!

One of the coolest elements of LinkedIn is the recommendation feature. As a young professional, asking for recommendations from past employers or professionals is sometimes hard/awkward. But once you are connected on LinkedIn you can get recommendations in a less intimidating setting.

As well, LinkedIn is the ultimate networking tool. As undergraduate students, we are constantly told the key to success is: networking, networking, networking. You definitely don’t want to go and add random CEOs, but if you have met someone once or twice you can add them to your LinkedIn network. Who knows, it could come in handy later down the road.

Another way to build your LinkedIn network is by connecting with professionals via Twitter. If you really like someone’s work or want to make a connection with a certain firm or company, follow them on Twitter. If you see them post something interesting feel free to comment! Twitter is meant to be conversational.

Once you have several positive Twitter interactions with someone you can make the move! Direct message them and ask to connect via LinkedIn. It is always good to give them a warning that you will be adding them. As well, try to coordinate your LinkedIn and Twitter pictures – that way they will recognize your face.

LinkedIn is a great resource. But it is not worth much if you don’t keep your profile updated and stay active. Use it to your advantage and take on the PR world!



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