As my second to last term of college draws to a close, I want to share some inspiring tips on how to manage your calendar. Going into next term, my goal is to keep all of my events in line. For me, an organized calendar is a huge determinant of my success. Shout out to Sage Wedding Pros for the fantastic article that got me thinking! Managing your personal calendar and your professional calendar are sometimes pretty different. However, there are some key elements you can use across the board.

4 Ways to Manage Your Calendar: 

Write it Down

One mistake busy people make when it comes to planning is forgetting to write everything down. I know when my life gets really chaotic I have to keep my planner and a stack of post-its nearby so I can jot down important reminders. If you don’t write down all the details there is a better chance you’ll double-book – which is definitely a #PlanningFail.


It is a great idea to categorize your life – it makes it easier to put on paper. Making some sub categories like: work, social, health etc. will allow you to section off your different tasks. Doing this will set your mind at ease and make your work less daunting.

Color Code

Using highlighters or colorful pens to identify your different categories will make your calendar easier to read. If you’re a person with a lot on your plate, the less time you spend staring at your calendar, the better. As well, using colors can brighten your mood and will give your eyes something interesting to look at as you glance through the pages.

Review and Prioritize

Lastly, looking back on last month’s calendar can give you great insight into how you want to spend your time going forward. Is your time being wasted? What can you do to better adjust your schedule? Sometimes you don’t realize how much time you are spending on useless things – and for busy people, we need to prioritize as much as possible.



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