As a public relations student wrapping up my last year in college I have experimented with many platforms of communication. But by far my most challenging task was to create my own infographic. We were given complete freedom with this assignment and this is what I came up with.

Before I began this assignment I decided my hypothetical audience would be companies, who target women, attending a conference about enhancing their social media presence. Hypothetically I would present this infographic to them to persuade them to utilize Pinterest for their business. 

So, why should your company use Pinterest to target women? As the infographic explains, the majority of Pinterest users are women which is a great quality for companies targeting women. Specifically women are using Pinterest for shopping, inspiration and brand spotting. As well, almost half of online shoppers say they have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest. Since shoppers trust Pinterest so much for their personal choices, companies should trust that creating a professional Pinterest account and uploading pins of their products will increase their sales. Lastly, Pinterest users have a higher household income than other social media sites which makes it more likely that they are willing to purchase more frivolous items. 

In many cases, the true key to success can be utilizing Pinterest to market your products. 



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