5 Ways To Mess Up Your Wedding

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of things you could do wrong when it comes to planning your wedding. Making sure you create a personal brand for your special day is the key to a #WeddingSuccess.

Picking a Bad Date:

One of the worst ways to ruin your wedding is choosing a date no one can attend. Maybe its an unimportant holiday or a Britney Spears concert, it doesn’t matter what the conflict is. Once you choose your wedding date it should be set in stone. Nothing is more awkward than having to change the date after the invites have been sent out. It will make your event seem unimportant and malleable which is not the type of image you are trying to portray for your special day.

Mother in Law vs. The Bride:

In the weeks leading up to the wedding you have to make sure the bride and the mother in law are in check. There are plenty of opportunities for disagreement and you want to make sure the wedding is conflict-free. Starting off on the right foot is always a good policy.

Public Displays of Anger:

Once you have the date locked down and the day has finally come, make sure you don’t ruin your wedding with an act of public frustration. No argument or fight is worth your weeks of hard work when it comes to your wedding day. Although you may feel frustrated because the bakery messed up your cake or you have a minuscule zit, it is never a good idea to freak out in front of wedding guests. Keep that to yourself.

Not Utilizing Social Media:

This is definitely not a top priority, but if you are trying to #brand your wedding you should use social media to your advantage. Using a hashtag on Instagram and Twitter weeks leading up to the wedding and of course day-of is a great way to get people excited. It may seem vain, but its your wedding day! You want high attendance and high anticipation.

Unclear Wedding Invites:

Lastly, making sure your wedding invites are not only correct but are super clear is extremely important. You want the date, place and time to be the most prominent information. As well, utilizing save the date cards months before the wedding can be a good tactic to make sure your guests have it on their calendar from the start. As well, the invites are a good way to show your personal #brand for the wedding. A picture of you and your husband or some decorative embellishments that fit your theme are both great ideas.

Ultimately, with the right amount of planning, there should be no problems. So get out your planner and get to it!



One thought on “5 Ways To Mess Up Your Wedding

  1. This is a really interesting topic. I never really thought of branding a wedding but I guess it’s something to think about when wedding planning. One of your tips that stood out to me was the public display of anger. I immediately thought of Bridezillas (one of my guilty pleasures) because they do this all the time and I never really thought about how that was branding their wedding. I also really liked your tip on the Mother in law vs. the Bride because that’s also something that can really take a toll on how not just the bride, but others at the wedding, enjoy the wedding. Plus if people hear that the mother in law and bride don’t get along it creates gossip and can impact how people look at the wedding as well as why they’re going. I’m from a really small town so I immediately thought of how fast my guests would find out if I did any of these things. Overall, really awesome topic. It was very different and caught my attention.

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