This topic might seem a little out of place, but I think the relevance and timing makes it worth discussing. Amidst all of the Olympics hype, there are actually some serious #Problems arising in #Sochi. That being said, this year’s Olympics are wreaking a lot of havoc in the Twittersphere and in the news. After arriving to Sochi, olympians, reporters and vacationers started noticing the poor conditions in the city. Weird bathrooms, dirty hallways and poor quality housing are consistent elements during this year’s games. Not to mention that the whole city looks like it is under construction.

Initially, surprised guests took to Twitter to make fun of these poor conditions and release the tension. But as the tweets and Buzzfeed articles continued, people started realizing the seriousness of these conditions. This resulted in a lot of argument over such a simple hashtag: #SochiProblems.

I always think its really funny when societal problems are rooted in something as harmless as Twitter. I mean, shouldn’t social media just be left for innocent discussion? Well in our society, Twitter now hosts deep discussion and debate – we are taking things to another level. Although its great people are able to share opinions and talk about public problems, mixing humor with serious issues is a lot of times insensitive, especially when most social media is opinion-based. It becomes a huge problem when people start believing everything they see online.

#SochiProblems has definitely become a topic of discussion. Most Twitter users are still tweeting jokes about Sochi, but some have started retaliating and bashing people who are using the hashtag for comic relief.

7-stacy-st.-clair-water-tweet-sochiproblems 020714-national-sochi-problem-twitter-Jian-Ghomeshi2-greg-wyshynski-toilet-paper-tweet-sochiproblems

After reading these, you can see how bad the living conditions are in Sochi. If hotels are really in that bad of condition, I can’t imagine how the citizens of Sochi live themselves. Issues with drinking water and plumbing to this extent are very scary. We should not be tweeting about #SochiProblems in a comedic manor.

Everyone has caught on to this issue and opinions are forming. Many people think tweets like this are offensive. But the funny part is, the tweeting hasn’t stopped. People are using #SochiProblems as if there are no problems surrounding it. As the Olympics progress I am sure there will be more drama in Sochi, but its interesting to think all of this started with just one hashtag.


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