This week we are taking a look at the public relations of some of the most expensive #CelebrityWeddings. The weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but the PR is always solid when it comes to big money like this. These events may seem completely perfect from the outside, but as time passes, the problems are revealed. I have found that when it comes to celebrity weddings, the juiciest PR stories usually come after.

 1. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

This celebrity wedding was definitely one for the books. But could we expect anything less from Sir Paul McCartney himself? The total cost was a whopping $3 million and included a $150,000 fireworks show that guests enjoyed in the skies outside of The Castle Leslie in Ireland. Of course Ringo Star attended amongst other celebrity guests. Although the marriage didn’t last, the hype surrounding the couple lives on. A simple Google search shows tons of articles about the divorcement and lots of hot details about their tragic break up. The craziest part about this is that there is nothing positive said about the couple or the wedding. The drama took the spotlight and Heather Mills will probably always be the “ex-wife”.

 2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom and Katie were married in 2006, also in a castle – but this one is in Italy. One of their biggest expenses was wine and champagne, which is a great way to spend $180,000. The wedding was picturesque and the couple looked stunning! Only positive things were released about the event. Usually celebrities try to keep quiet about their wedding, but Katie and Tom allowed the attention and it worked out to their benefit. Now, when you search about this event you can see tons of stories talking about this wedding being the event of the decade! The detail is endless and it is clear that the media is in favor of this couple. Very interesting to look at this PR success!

3. Elton John and David Furnish 

Lastly, Elton and David. I chose to look at this wedding because it has a few interesting factors. First of all, Elton John is a lovable legend so its bound to be an interesting story. But also, it is a gay celebrity wedding, which is sure to bring some different opinions to the table. Elton and David were married December 22, 2005 in England. The reason this wedding is so interesting is gay marriage was not legal in the UK until the day before the two tied the knot. That is one quick turn around! Clearly Elton and David were in love and ready to seal the deal, but it also says a lot that they married one day after it became lawful. It was a huge statement and people were very receptive of this. Their small gathering was classy and also took a stand for gay marriage. The media attention surrounding this wedding is all positive. It is clear that Elton’s popularity outweighs his sexuality any day.



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