How to be #BusinessCasual on Twitter

There is lots of discussion when it comes to professionalism in the Twitter world. Whether you’re a student or a CEO, each Twitter user needs to take their own individual approach while tweeting. Different industries have different attitudes and focuses with their tweets.  Twitter is a place where groups of people create identities. As an aspiring wedding planner, I want to tweak my profile to appeal to the industry. There is a careful balance between too professional and not professional enough. I like to call this #BusinessCasual. Lets take a look and see what kind of Twitter-rehab could be applied to upcoming wedding planners, like me.

According to an article linked from PRos in Training, there are four main ways how to not suck at Twitter. Mashing this advice while keeping the wedding industry in mind is the key to my professional Twitter success (or #BusinessCasual).

1. Don’t just follow your friends

While this may seem obvious, many people seem to overlook this advice. Following lots of highly active Twitter accounts might clog up your newsfeed, but it also allows you to absorb trending information by just a simple scroll through your feed. The more wedding-related Twitter accounts I have followed, led to the more who followed me. This also allows for potential Twitter interactions or internship opportunities others who don’t follow these accounts might not see.

2. Always use Twitter handles

Tagging Twitter accounts in your tweets (no matter how big or small) is always a good idea. While it may seem like a shot in the dark, NOT tagging them is even more dismal – you’re for sure not getting any interactions. As well, I have found that when I use a wedding-related Twitter handle in one of my tweets, I get followers like @Weddingstar or @Sharibellaevent. Maybe because they thought my tweet had good content or maybe because my Twitter bio is business casual in the sense of professionalism. Either way, using the Twitter handle is what leads these accounts directly to my Twitter page.

3. Share links to content

In order to create an online presence, you must share content on Twitter. If you apply this to aspiring wedding planners, this is one easy task. There is plenty of relevant online information that could be strategically tweeted. Anything crafting, flower, dress, cake or venue related is all worth tweeting about. As well, linking other mediums like your blog or Pinterest account can increase your followers on multiple platforms.

4. Give something to your followers

Recreating your focus on Twitter is very important. Many users are tweeting for personal purposes which leaves room for the worst kind of unprofessional tweets. As I am trying to break into the wedding industry, my social media needs to reflect my passions in and outside of the professional industry – but it also needs to remain likable. Maintaining a positive image while also distributing content to your followers is a great way to show your worth. What are you giving your Twitter followers? Tweet something makes them not want to press the unfollow button.

Utilizing this advice in moving forward professionally is helping me understand the industry I want to dive into. Twitter is no longer a recreational source. It is a news source, a learning tool and a place where you can show off your business casual. USE IT!


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