This week we are looking at the PR of famous foreign weddings. What is more interesting than a beautiful wedding in a beautiful country uniting beautiful people? Although vanity may be the main motive for tying the knot over seas, when it comes to celebrity weddings keeping things discreet is also a benefit. After doing a little snooping, it seems like many celebrities travel to foreign countries to keep the hype down and from a public relations stand point, this sucks.

The issue with foreign weddings is simple: its too far away for drama. Celebrities are usually faced with the trials and tribulations of keeping their wedding under wraps. But when their wedding is in a different country, we all have less information and there is less to talk about in the media.

Lets take Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding in Italy for example. The only articles, pictures and pieces of information that have ever been released about the wedding are totally boring. The couple looks beautiful and the wedding went super smoothly as far as we can tell. After their engagement in December, 2011, there was not much talk about the wedding until after the ceremony. HELLO magazine, ABC news and People are just a few of the publications that leaked “inside” photos and stories after the wedding. All of the articles were seemingly the same and framed Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in beautiful light. That is the power of controlled information.

This trend is easily backed up by other foreign celebrity weddings like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, and Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez. The most interesting stories are always post-wedding pictures or divorce rumors.

For celebrities, getting married over seas comes with many benefits. If the information is kept undisclosed then the PR remains purely informational – no drama and no misinformation. Maybe that is the way a marriage should be.



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