With the #RoyalWedding almost three years behind us now, you would think social media would stop talking about it. However, there seems to be a consistent flow of conversation even to this day. People have taken the hashtag to another level. The royal wedding is no longer about Kate and William. It is a culture and following that has been created from just one single event.

Lets take a quick look at the existing #RoyalWedding Twitter traffic.

1. A legend was born.


Saying 2011 was KNOWN for the royal wedding is quite the statement. If that is how this Twitter user felt about the royal affair, we know the public relations must have been top-notch. Even if it wasn’t a personal high – its a good example of the continuing #RoyalWedding references that exist in the Twitter world.

2. Young girls are still obsessed.


As you can read in my previous article Lets Get Down to Business: #TheRoyalWedding many businesses found it personally beneficial to get involved with the royal wedding hype. Some genius produced a line of royal coffee mugs and sold it to this Twitter user. Now, she is drinking out of the William and Kate mug and nostalgically uploading a picture via Instagram just to show her love for the #RoyalWedding. That coffee mug idea was a given – props to the person who implemented that.

3. We got the numbers to back it up.


This tweet is a true testament of the extreme measures taken during the live coverage of the royal wedding. Not only were there tons of people tweeting, but these people were probably blowing up their Twitter news feeds with obnoxious commentary about the event. The ability to create an obsession so widespread is thanks to some serious promoting skills.

4. This viral picture is still circulating.


Lastly, this may be the most viewed photo related to the #RoyalWedding. It is not only extremely accurate, but also highly entertaining.

Although these tweets may be somewhat surface level, my main point is this: press releases, interviews and promotion are the key elements in what made this event go viral. It is extremely interesting to look at something expand and sky-rocket into the media and know where it all came from. Although we can’t thank public relations for all of the perpetuating attention the #RoyalWedding has received, we do know PR is where it all began.

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