Avid followers of ABC’s show, #TheBachelor, are gearing up for the unthinkable: a Bachelor wedding. Since the day Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici announced their wedding would be broadcasted live, fans all over the world have been FREAKING OUT. With the quick approach of the wedding, girls between the ages of 13 and 30 are predicting the trials and tribulations of the upcoming episode. Wedding cake rumors? Awkward relatives? Dramatic vows? The world wants to know what Sean and Catherine’s ultimate episode will provide. At a time like this, what else is there to do other than turn to social media? At least we can find out what ABC wants us to know about Sean and Catherine’s wedding. The beauty of public relations.

3 most anticipated moments in Sean and Catherine’s wedding according to Twitter:

1. Will there be tears?


This particular tweet engages it’s audience with purpose. Rumors that Sean will cry on live television are just what a single 20-something-year-old girl is looking for. If Sean cries, so will America. Chances are, he won’t. But lets speculate that he will to make sure everyone is watching.

#PRwin for: ABC & Sean

2. What will the post-wedding consummation look like? 


People love scandal – especially people who watch The Bachelor. This dangerous combination of dirty and wholesome draws viewers in and keeps them watching. I’m sure we will never see Catherine in the lingerie – which is fine with me. But not giving the fans an idea of what she will wear is definitely not fair. Plus, it makes this whole ‘live wedding’ thing seem more dramatic.

#PRwin for: ABC

3. Is self-proclaimed virginity a legit thing?


The modern-day myth that suggests brides are virgins could be true about Catherine Giudici. Is she a virgin? Or does ABC want viewers to think she is. Either way, average Twitter users are talking about Sean and Catherine’s sex life – and its kind of gross. Fortunately, this conversation makes ABC look down-to-earth and morally sound. Promoting virginity is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

#PRwin for: ABC & Catherine

By strategically utilizing Twitter, ABC demonstrated great PR by stimulating social media conversation about the event.  This lured in viewers and increased the amount of publicity by encouraging average Twitter users to hashtag and tweet about the wedding. Tune in this Sunday to find out what actually will go down at #TheBachelorWedding.

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