Season after season fans of ABC’s, The Bachelor, fans watch as “relationships” bloom and cat fights brew. The drama is never dull and that one lucky guy gets to make out with at least 20 girls a season.  After everyone is eliminated the bachelor proposes to the last woman standing. Then there is this mysterious period of time when the press tries to figure out why the marriage ended so soon – hint: because the couple met through a television show that was created to unite messed up people. Thank god public relations sweeps the drama under the rug and continually makes The Bachelor a nation-wide obsession.

3 Bachelor wedding fails that don’t matter:

Season 1:

Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh broke up almost one year after the season ended. This is proof that The Bachelor has been dysfunctional from the beginning. After the finale, everyone forgot about Alex and Amanda and moved onto the second season. Now, the only article that comes up in a Google search shows an attractive picture of the two and a couple sentences about their continuing friendship. Nothing but great PR for season one.

Season 5:

Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin broke up just ONE month after the finale. It is hard to believe that a relationship could last longer on television than in private – but The Bachelor makes that a reality. This season is even harder to relive via the internet. The first hit is a Wikipedia page about the season – as it should be. If you don’t have a Wikipedia page it means you’ve officially been kicked out of the public eye. Everything else is boring and NOT scandalous. Looks like public relations cleared the chaos and left no trail for Jesse and Jessica.

Season 11:

The bachelor, Brad Womack, ended up not choosing anyone to be his bride. He should have just faked it like all the other contestants. It would have created less of a ripple. In this case, Brad got a moment of fame for his bold decision. ABC released an article in 2010 with an in-depth interview about why Brad decided not to get hitched. He also referred to The Bachelor as a fairytale. What?  Good thing ABC wrote that article because I don’t know who else would EVER refer to The Bachelor in such a good light.

Overall, there have been five successful relationships out of the 24 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. However, as you saw in my previous article, #The BachelorWedding, the press really only wants to talk about the success. Everything else is intentionally forgotten.

One thought on “#BachelorWeddingFails

  1. Hi Jane,

    I really enjoyed reading about the PR coverage of this national television show. I agree that in many situations PR professionals choose to only discuss the success, but failures need to be recognized as well. Acknowledging a failure does not have to be a bad thing as long as you put a positive light on it. This can include apologizing appropriately, offering a solution, and discussing how you will move forward. Having said this, make sure to follow through with any commitments that are made.

    I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette for many seasons. When I first read about the season one contestants that you discussed, I was confused because I thought that Ryan and Trista Sutter were the couple that came out of the first season. It seems that ABC tries to highlight this couple because they have been married for 10 years. The network wants to make its TV show seem successful. It did not want Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh to represent the first season, because their relationship failed, and this could cause the show to lose viewers.

    Thanks for offering insight in an interesting way!

    Sarah Smith

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